International group of experts which supports Samabriva's activities


Pr. Michèle Boitel, prev. Director of the Technological Research Group (BioPI, Amiens)


Pr. Tim Edmunds, prev. VP Research at Genzyme

« Secondary metabolites production expert »  30 years of experience in plant and micro-organisms bioprocess culture for applied research. Roussel-Uclaf/Sanofi-Aventis – Previous Director of the plant molecular farming platform at the University of Amiens.

« Expert in the development of recombinant proteins in the  rare disease market » Previous VP Research at Genzyme Corporation with 30 years of experience in research, development and regulatory approval of first and second generation of protein therapeutics mainly in rare diseases including lysosomal disorders

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Dr. Diego Orzaez,Senior Researcher at Spanish Research Council and co-leader of the Plant Biotechnology Group at the Plant Molecular and Cell Biology Institute (IBMCP)

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Georges Freyssinet, prev. Scientific Advisor Life Science at Rhône-Poulenc, Scientific director at Limagrain, CEO of RhoBio and Genective, Founder and CEO of LemnaGene

« Expert in genetic engineering and synthetic biology research ». He is particularly interested in the re-direction of the genetic program of plants towards the synthesis of added-value products. He is coordinator of the European Newcotiana project which aim is to breed new varieties of tobacco that will work as biofactories.

“Expert in plant biotechnology for plant improvement and production of pharmaceutical products in plants”. With 30 years of experience in plant genetic engineering for the production of plants with agronomic and quality traits and for the production of drugs and vaccines in plants (Universities in France and North American, Rhône-Poulenc, Bayer, Limagrain).

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