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Samabriva's platform is a highly versatile technology, which allows for the  production of complex, functionally active molecules (recombinant proteins and secondary metabolites), taking advantage of controlled and confined culture conditions in bioreactors, enabling a strong reproducibility. Its prodcutivity is fully compatible with an industrial production complex molecules.

   Potential application areas: therapeutic, cosmetic, nutrition, diagnostic ...   

Recombinant proteins

Recombinant proteins are produced using a process combining the advantages of higher eukaryotic cells (efficient protein folding, competitive stability, activity and reproducibility compared to counterparts produced in mammalian cells) while being cost-effective (low capex and COGS). This process presents a lot of similarities with usual cell line cultures, making it possible to seamlessly apply the regulatory Guidelines usually followed for the manufacturing of culture cell lines (confinement, Master "Root" Bank and Working "Root" Bank, in-process controls...)

Secondary metabolites

Since the secondary metabolites (stilbenes, alkaloids…), are usually obtained by direct extraction from plants grown in natural habitat or in greenhouses, several factors can alter their yield. Using the RhizoBriva platform, secondary non-GMO plant metabolites can be obtained with several advantages:

     - quantities at least comparable to that of intact plants

     - removal of all geopolitical, seasonal or climatic risks

    - safer, animal/virus free, process not requiring  any              fungicide nor insecticide

     - low environmental impact



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