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Founded in 2011, Samabriva is a biotechnology company which has developed a disruptive bioproduction platform gathering the best of plants and usual biomanufacturing in fully controlled, affordable, scalable, sustainable and animal/virus-free bioprocesses currently being implemented by industrial companies for the production of high-value molecules (recombinant proteins and secondary metabolites).


Samabriva has developed a fully documented and controlled process from the sequence design to large scale bioproduction. This innovative bioproduction system allows complex molecules production for therapeutic, diagnostic or cosmetic area and proposes to leverage its capabilities to meet customers’/partners’ needs.  The technology is a plant-based expression system which uses a natural phenomenon to develop stable & high producer root clones cultured in confined large scale bioreactors.

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Marina Guillet, PhD - MBA, CEO

Hands-on experience in the biotechnology business: from the creation of companies (TcLand Expression, Effimune-OSE (Euronext:OSE), Thabor Tx) to various management positions (including CEO, CSO and management of an ISO17025 accredited laboratory)

       Samabriva's technology presents advantages in terms of safety and cost while enabling a confined, sterile and fully standardized production in an environmentally-friendly system. This innovative plant molecular farming strategy was endorsed by industrial companies.

    As an alternative system of production, it is associated with a streamlined freedom to operate, enabling to access already validated huge markets


Florian Cardon, PhD - MBA, CBO

10 years expertise in the development of complex molecules using various systems. Laureat of Choiseul Hauts de France which rewards young promising economic talent.


72 rue des Jacobins 80 000 Amiens

+33 (0) 322 092 830

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