Founded in 2011, Samabriva is a biotechnology company which has succeeded in developing the “RHIZOBRIVA™” platform, a proprietary, state-of-the-art, highly versatile bioreactor-confined plant-based bioprocessing technology, which allows for the safe and cost-effective production of complex, functionally active molecules (recombinant proteins and secondary metabolites).


Samabriva has been focusing its internal R&D activity on the development of complex molecules for the therapeutic area using its RhizoBriva platform and proposes to leverage its capabilities to meet customers’/partners’ needs in wider areas (production of complex molecules in the cosmetic, nutrition, diagnostic… areas)

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Marina Guillet, PhD, CEO

Hands-on experience in the biotechnology business: from the creation of companies (TcLand Expression, Effimune-OSE (Euronext:OSE)) to various management positions (including CEO, CSO and management of an ISO17025 accredited laboratory)

       The RhizoBriva bioprocessing technology presents the advantages of all plant-based systems in terms of safety and cost while enabling a confined, sterile and fully standardized production in an environmentally-friendly system. This innovative plant molecular farming strategy was endorsed by industrial companies and validated through Samabriva’s internal R&D

    As an alternative system of production, it is associated with a streamlined freedom to operate, enabling to access already validated huge markets


Florian Cardon, Eng, COO

Graduated from the UTC Compiègne and graduated top of his MBA class; Expertise in the development of complex molecules using various systems from production/characterization to exploratory pre-clinical studies; Teacher in project management in the Institute of Business Administration


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